In an effort to ease traffic congestion expand transportation routes, reduce wastewater pollution and provide more efficient pedestrian movement, tunnel construction has undergone dramatic world-wide growth over the last two decades. With this growth, comes many unique engineering challenges. One of the greatest of these is the need to provide a structurally sound, leak-free tunnel system. Geosynthetic liners have been incorporated in European tunnel projects for over 40 years. During that time a variety of different lining systems have been utilized.

Recently flexible geomembranes have proven to provide the best alternative. They provided superior elongation properties which accommodate seismic activitiey and ground movement. In addition, flexible membranes can be installed in humid or moist conditions which can adversly affect spray-applied membranes. They are also more uniform in thickness and manufactuured to more strigent specifications.

ECApplications has teamed with Agru America and TPH Waterproofing Systems to supply and install the most comprehensive tunnel liner system avaiable. ECA utilizes an induction welding system to affice the geomembrane to the tunnel surface which minimizes liner penetrations and allows installation of wider panels resulting in 30% fewer field seams. Agru VLDPE has superior elongation properties compared to other flexible membranes. It also exhibits better chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and other harmful chemical comonnaly encountered in tunnel applications.

The tunnel system consists of:

  • 22 Oz Non-Woven Geotextile Cushion Layer
  • 110 Mil VLDPE Hydrocarbon Resistant Geomembrane
  • VLDPE Waterbar with an exclusive integrated hose clamp to simplify injection hose installation
  • TPH injection hoses and associated fittings

In addition to quality installation and product selection, ECA/AGRU/TPH staff can provide design and specification assistance. Let ECApplications show you that ‘Our people and experience make the difference’.


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