Secondary Containment

ECA has significant expertise safely providing quality secondary containment construction, repair and maintenance to the terminal and bulk storage industry. Flexible lining systems are used in almost all industries where corrosion and/or contamination are a problem.

In order to be certain of meeting our customer's many and critical requirements, ECA provides tank & secondary containment linings rolls and spray grades as required. The final selection of the correct containment lining to meet your needs depends on the chemical environment and temperatures as well as the environment expected during field installation and operation.

ECA’s skilled technicians can work in often cramped spaces and have the knowledge necessary to perform on your project. ECA has the safety training and experience to help. ECA is a proud member of the LACC (Los Angeles Clean Card) contractor’s consortium. Work of this type is often tedious and very detail oriented. An experienced ECA crew will excel in these situations.

ECA offers a full line of solutions for your secondary containment needs.


  • Flexible Secondary Containment Liners
  • Prefabricated Tank Liners
  • Prefabricated Boots and other custom parts
  • Batten Bar for mechanical attachment structures
  • Embedment for attaching liner to newly poured in place concrete
  • Open Top Floating Roofs
  • Spray on Membrane

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