In all phases of its operations, EC Applications (ECA) is guided by established safety and health policies. We base these policies on our sincere desire to eliminate occupational injuries and illness as well as eliminate damage and protect other contractors who may be working near us onsite.

While no safety plan can be successful without the cooperation of individual employees, it is management’s responsibility to see that health and safety rules and procedures are all encompassing and enforced. By doing so we protect employees and minimize the chances that they are in a situation where they can get injured. ECA has a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy to curb bad working habits or hazards before they can become dangerous.

We believe that safety cannot be sacrificed for production. Safety is an integral part of quality control, job efficiency and cost reduction. ECA is proud of its high level of safety consciousness and strives to further improve safety conditions for its employees.

  • A structured safety organization both at the corporate and the field level
  • Mandatory training that includes individual initial refresher training and daily field safety tailgate meetings for employees and site visitors
  • Individual focus on employee awareness of the role they play in safety by recognizing employees for zero accidents and injuries
  • Standard operating procedures enforced during field operations, frequent safety audits, and daily site tailgate meetings to review safety issues
  • Development of site-specific safety and health plans for each individual project
  • Near miss reporting to help identify potential incidents prior to any actual damage or injury

At EC Applications, our goal is to get every one of our employees home safely every day.

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