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Hazardous Waste Landfill- US Ecology

Location Beatty NV
Customer Las Vegas Paving Corporation.
Completed July 2008

Project Scope: Multiple layer Liner system with over 1,700,000 SF in Geosynthetic materials. Nearly vertical Slopes (0.5:1)

The liner system consisted of:

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liner.
  • Double Sided HDPE
  • Single Sided Geo-Composite.
  • Single Sided Textured HDPE liner
  • 200 Mil Geonet
  • 16oz Geotextile
  • 30 Mil Smooth HDPE.

ECA completed the project for Las Vegas Paving Corp, in July of 2008.

The project was built under extreme weather conditions. Nearly 115 degrees Fahrenheit was the average temperature during the day. The temperature inside the cell reached 135 degrees making it challenging for our crews. ECA completed the project ahead of schedule without any accidents or incidents. This project was extremely important to US Ecology and needed to be completed under a tight schedule. ECA met all of the project goals.

Secondary Containment (Fuel Storage Area)




Private Owner (Confidential)


March 2009


Project Scope: Lining of containment area including walls, floor and tank ring wall. This project included 1200 LF of Stainless Steel mechanical attachment of liner to concrete.

The liner system consisted of:

  • 100 Mil Smooth HDPE Liner.
  • 12 oz Geotextile
  • 1200 LF of SS Mechanical Attachment.

ECA completed the project in March of 2009.

This secondary containment project was surrounded by up to 14 feet vertical walls making it challenging for the placement and welding of the HDPE Liner. Special attention was taken as the project was completed in conjunction with several other contractors working in the same area. Multiple mobilizations were required as the project had phased construction Schedule.

Waste Water Treatment Plant- Tyson Foods

Location Wallula Washington
Customer Tyson Foods, Inc
Completed November 2008

Project Scope: Multiple layer system with over 3,000,000 SF in Geosynthetic materials.

The liner system consisted of:

Process Ponds

  • Sigle Sided Geo-Composite
  • 60 mil HDPE Smooth Liner
  • 150 Mil Geonet
  • 100 Mil HDPE Smooth

Containment Pad

  • 30 Mil PVC Liner

ECA completed this project for Tyson Foods in November of 2008.

The project required the movement of 10,000 cubic yards of soil and the placement and 270 cubic yards of concrete. ECA contracted and managed the earth work but self performed the installation of the concrete. This project was unique since Tyson required the installation of 100 mil HDPE liner which requires special welding skills and equipment. ECA was also responsible for contracting a third party to perform a leak detection system in the new lined lagoons.

Methane Barriers

Location Hawaii
Customer Hawaiian Electric Company
Completed February 2009

Project Scope; Passive methane barrier system installation.

The system consisted of;

  • 45 Mil XR5 Geosynthetic Liner (Methane Barrier)
  • 12 oz Geotextile
  • 1000 LF of SS Mechanical Attachment.

ECA completed this project in February of 2009.

This passive methane barrier system was completed in multiple mobilizations. Coordination with contractors was a key factor on this project. ECA worked simultaneously in different areas of the site. There were over 150 penetrations through the liner. The seams were vacuum tested and the entire system smog tested to ensure a leak proof system.
To learn more about methane barriers visit us at www.methanebarriers.com

Floating Covers (Three Valleys Municipal Water District)

Location Claremont, CA
Customer Three Valleys MWD
Completed July 2009

Project Scope: the lining and placement of Floating Covers for two water Reservoirs with (?????) million gallon capacity.

ECA completed two water reservoirs for TVMWD. ECA was the General contractor for both reservoirs and was able to meet the aggressive schedule for the construction for each reservoir. Part of the scope of work was the demolition of the existing Floating Coverss. Also in both reservoirs the water removal system was upgraded to comply with the latest American Water Works Association and regulatory requirements. The first reservoir had to be retrofitted with baffle curtains to redirect water flow and dissipate settlement.

ECA worked with the Hilts Consulting Group as the design and construction managers and made these two projects a success. The Hilts Consulting Group is recognized as the industries premier Floating Covers design firm. If you like to learn more about Floating Covers please visit us at www.floatingcovers.com

Biogas Covers ( Biogas Digester)

Location Lindsay California
Customer Hilarides Dairy (Sierra Cattle Company)
Completed June 2008

Project Scope: 600,000 SF Biogas Cover over existing lagoon.

ECA completed this project utilizing EFI’s latest technology in Anaerobic Digesters. This is one of the biggest Biogas Covers in California and captures enough methane gas to power six 125 KW generators. Hilarides Previously experimented with the capture and utilization of Biogas by partially covering one of the lagoons and extracting enough gas to power up a generator. In 2004 Hilarides built the first Biogas Cover using EFI’s technology. In 2008 ECA built the second Biogas Cover and it is currently producing enough gas for the six 125 KW generators.

Rob Hilarides has recently embraced another project and is now converting raw biogas in to Compressed Natural Gas for use in his farm equipment and transportation trucks. Rob Hilarides has turned the Biogas Covers into successful projects and continues to have the vision for innovation. A video of his CNG can be seen in a video featured in you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIkEm8JUOfY

To learn more about Biogas Generation and Utilization please visit us at www.Biogascovers.com

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