Methane Barriers

EC Applications has extensive experience in the installation of geomembrane linings and spray applied membranes as methane barriers for the prevention of subsurface methane gas intrusion.

Methane gas is naturally present in the subsurface as organic material deteriorate in the soil. Organic materials are often entrained in soils during the grading of a property. The bacteriological digestion of organic matter generates methane when oxygen is present. Methane gas is very common and may be found in many developed areas. Methane is lighter than air, combustible and can be explosive in high concentrations (>53,000 parts per million).

The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has established a "Methane Zone" as well as a "Methane Buffer Zone" in Southern California in areas that have known concentrations of methane for which mitigation is a necessary step prior to development.

ECA’s methane barrier installations comply with all LADBS methane mitigation standards and ECA installation supervisors work closely with Deputy Inspectors to certify completed projects. ECA crews are not tied to a single technology for all applications. We install both primary materials approved by LADBS Research Reports (CETCO Liquid Boot and 60 mil HDPE Geomembrane). Our independence from material manufacturers allows our staff to assist you with the best-fit solution for your application. This independence allows ECA to evaluate the most effective and cost efficient material solution for each project.

Methane barrier installations must be carefully choreographed with all other trades onsite so as to not delay the overall project. In cases of building retrofit, the contractor you choose must be able to visualize the situation, identify potential problems early and work on a schedule that is the most efficient for the overall project.

ECA has years of experience with complex methane barrier installations. Our experienced crews will work with you to minimize costs and get your project on track.

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