Landfill Lining Systems

Landfill liners are a United States EPA and State regulatory requirement. Projects that previously required only a single layer of geosynthetics, now often require multiple layers. What you need is to find a company with the experience to not only perform well on your project but also able to handle those unexpected problems that arise. With over 40 years of liner experience, the management of ECA has assembled a team of seasoned geosynthetic professionals who can anticipate and solve any problem that may occur.

Landfill liners are designed to protect the groundwater existing near a landfill from being contaminated by the leachate (water mixed with waste) that is produced when water percolates down through refuse.

Landfill liners typically line the bottom of the active cell in a landfill and include a sump to collect leachate while the landfill is still active. Additional cell expansions can be attached to the existing liner to increase the landfills overall size.

ECA has experience in cell construction as well as temporary and final closures. Our staff has managed many different types of landfills around the world, all with different complexities, designs and materials suited specifically to site conditions. Our crews have worked on:

  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
  • Hazardous Waste Landfills
  • Canyon Fill Landfills
  • Ash Disposal Cells
  • CAMU Facilities

Our quality and professionalism is known throughout the industry and our experience is second to none. ECA will strive to give you the best value and work until we meet or exceed your expectations.

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