Biogas Covers ( Biogas Digester)
Location Lindsay California
Customer Hilarides Dairy (Sierra Cattle Company)
Completed June 2008

Project Scope: 600,000 SF Biogas Cover over existing lagoon.

ECA completed this project utilizing EFI’s latest technology in Anaerobic Digesters. This is one of the biggest Biogas Covers in California and captures enough methane gas to power six 125 KW generators. Hilarides Previously experimented with the capture and utilization of Biogas by partially covering one of the lagoons and extracting enough gas to power up a generator. In 2004 Hilarides built the first Biogas Cover using EFI’s technology. In 2008 ECA built the second Biogas Cover and it is currently producing enough gas for the six 125 KW generators.

Rob Hilarides has recently embraced another project and is now converting raw biogas in to Compressed Natural Gas for use in his farm equipment and transportation trucks. Rob Hilarides has turned the Biogas Covers into successful projects and continues to have the vision for innovation. A video of his CNG can be seen in a video featured in you tube

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