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Agricultural manure lagoons require liners to protect groundwater. They give off foul odors that bring complaints and the methane they produce has been linked to global warming. If there is a significant rain event, the pond can overflow threatening local water supplies by adding large amounts of nitrates, ammonia and bacteria to local waterways. As government regulations become stricter and as residences encroach on traditional farming areas, odor control and gas recovery have become more and more important. A Biogas Cover made of geosynthetic liner can solve those problems. With the Floating Covers and a gas recovery system, your effluent pond can change from a smelly nuisance to an energy producing environmentally sound addition to your organization.

Biogas Covers are fabricated to partially or completely cover a storage lagoon and designed to move up or down with the level of effluent underneath. A drainage system is included so that any water that remains on top of the cover after a rain event can be pumped off or drained. This system alone will help reduce odor and also protect the lagoon from rain events. In addition Biogas Covers allow for the collection of the Biogas that is produced underneath and may be put to a beneficial use.

Biogas is a product of an anaerobic digester. Anaerobic bacteria decompose the organic matter in the waste and produce 60% methane gas mixture that can be collected and used successfully. The harnessed Biogas can be substituted for propane or natural gas to heat barns, create electricity and in some cases the electricity can be sold back to the power company. In addition the remaining solids are rich in nutrients and can be used as fertilizer.

ECA can create a Biogas cover on your waste lagoon that will allow you to control odors, ensure waste containment, collect Biogas and have a nutrient rich fertilizer.

Design and regulation of facilities incorporating this technology are rapidly evolving. ECA is widely recognized as an innovator in this field. We have successfully completed dozens of functioning Biogas Covers. ECA is one of the few companies in which the principals and the field employees have hands on experience. This allows us to deliver the best product with the highest level of quality. Our experienced crews can handle your project quickly and professionally.

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