Fixed Baffle

curtains are manufactured in factory settings designed to increase retention times, eliminate dead zones, improve flow patterns and mixing in circular or rectangular tanks.  The Baffle curtains offer existing tanks an option for retrofiting to current issues relating to regulation or poor water quality.  Baffle curtains are an economical choice for new systems as well.  ECA provides a low maintenance alternative to CMU, fiberglass, or steel wall structure.  The baffles can be modified as well or taken down for maintenance or relocated.  ECA can provide baffle solutions that achieve .3 to .7 baffle factor in tanks or reservoirs.  Baffle curtains are flexible and can be handled into tanks with minimal equipment or through narrow entry ways.  There are several designs available to offer solutions with anchoring or securing to existing ceilings,walls or floors without impacting the baffle performances.  The baffle systems install quickly and easily with prefabricated hardware kits.  ECA has offered solutions to increase water quality for existing clearwells, steel and bolted steel tanks, redwood, and uncovered/covered reservoirs.  
















Floating Baffle Curtains

are pre-engineered and custom fabricated to offer an economical approach for the upgrade of existing lagoon systems and a cost-effective method of flow movement in new lagoon systems. Flow-through windows can be positioned anywhere within the baffle to achieve the desired flow pattern in the lagoon.  The floating baffles allow existing systems to be upgraded without the expense and difficulty of dewatering the lagoon, which is usually required when earthen dikes or rigid baffle systems are used. 

Material Properties:
  • The baffle can be manufactured using a variety of fabric reinforced coated materials
  • The material selection is based on the application and the chemical make-up of the waste to be treated, as well as the weather characteristics at the installation site
  • The material most commonly used is XR-5, a polymer coated polyester
  • Other materials available are CSPE, and Polypropylene.
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